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Gold Harbour King Penguin


St Andrew's Beach Sunrise

Wandering Albatross, Prion


King Penguins, Salisbury

Giant Petrels Battle

King Penguins at Fortuna Bay

Kings on the Beach

King Penguins en masse

Salisbury Plain King

Penguins, South Georgia

Running the Gauntlet, King

Penguin Chick among nesting

Kin Penguins

Antarctic Fur Seal

Southern Elephant Seal

King Penguins, Fortuna Bay,

South Georgia

Shackleton's Headstone

Wandering Albatross, Bay of


King Penguin

Fighting Giant Petrels

Gentoo at Stromness Whaling


Icy Landscape

Grytviken Whaling Station

Gentoo Penguins porpoising

Whale oil tanks, Grytviken

South Georgia Pintail Duck

Whale oil tanks, Grytviken

Blonde Fur Seal

Grey-headed Albatross takes

off, Elsehul

Fur Seal

Whaling relic, Prince Olav


Prowling Giant Petrel

Giant Petrel patrol

The Standoff

Juvenile Wandering Albatross,

Prion Island, South Georgia

Light Mantled Sooty Albatross

soars above kayakers, Gold


Larsen Harbour

Reindeer and Fur Seal,

Fortuna Bay, South Georgia

Elephant Seals, South


King Penguin Portrait, South


King Penguin courting

South Georgia Images

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